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Take a look at what's inside Palma Cathedral

Right by the sea, against the Mediterranean's blue, the grand Palma Cathedral, 'La Seu,' stands. A symbol of strength and faith, it marks where King James I built this Gothic wonder after conquering Majorca in the 13th century. Taking 300 years to complete, with some tweaks, 'La Seu' now defines Palma's skyline with its record-breaking, surprise-filled design.

What's inside Palma Cathedral?

Inside Palma Cathedral

The beautiful 'Gothic eye' window

In the special church space, there's a big round window in Palma Cathedral called the 'Gothic Eye.' It's massive, about 13.8 meters wide, and is the biggest one like it in the world. Made in the 1500s, it's placed right above the main church table in a special spot. When the sun shines through, it makes a beautiful light show inside the church with the colors from its 1,236 pieces of colored glass. The window looks like a big Star of David and shows how skilled the people who made it were. 

Inside Palma Cathedral

The light show festival

Twice a year, on February 2 and November 11, something magical happens with this window. When the sun rises at about 8:30 AM, it lines up just right with the window because of how the church is built. The light from the big window and a smaller one make a figure 8. It only happens on these two special days, and it's beautiful to see. It's a time when people can enjoy how the light plays with the church building.

Inside Palma Cathedral

Exploring the roof and museum

From May to October, people can take a special tour of the church's top. It's a chance to see hidden spots, like the bell area, and the view from the top is impressive. You can see the city of Palma and the sea from there. Next to the church, there's a museum with three rooms, each showing different periods. It has lots of religious art, like paintings, sculptures, and items made of gold and silver. Visiting here is like diving into the church's history.

Inside Palma Cathedral

The Cathedral's precious relics

In addition to the impressive art collections, the Cathedral Museum guards precious religious relics with centuries of faith and history. These items are treasures not just for their spiritual significance but also for their craftsmanship and artistry. Anyone who loves architecture will find joy in exploring the three rooms of the museum: the Gothic Chapterhouse, the Baroque Chapterhouse, and the Sacristy of the Vermells, each offering a unique glimpse into the past with their distinctive styles and designs.

Inside Palma Cathedral

Embracing Barceló's spiritual vision

Miquel Barceló left a unique spiritual mark on the Palma Cathedral. When he remodeled the Blessed Sacrament chapel, he wasn't just adding art; he was creating an alternative space of spirituality. Completed in 2007, his work includes three ceramic frescoes representing the sea, humanity, and the Earth, alongside stained-glass windows and various pieces of furniture. His art invites us to experience the mystical in a new and unique way, encouraging visitors to explore the deeper meanings behind his innovative approach to religious themes.

Tickets to go inside Palma Cathedral

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Visitor tips

  • You must show the reservation you received by email to enter the museum.
  • Visits will start at the times specified in your reservation.
  • Please don't bring pets, except for guide dogs.
  • Wear appropriate, respectful clothing for a religious place, and avoid swimwear or going shirtless.
  • Due to safety rules, you can't enter with large suitcases or bulky packages, and no lockers are available.
  • The organization may cancel the visit for various reasons, with or without notice, and will refund payments.
  • Double-check your reservation details because no changes or refunds are possible once confirmed.

Frequently asked questions about what’s inside Palma Cathedral

What is inside Palma Cathedral?

Inside Palma Cathedral, you'll find a small museum displaying historical elements of the cathedral, including the Trinity Chapel, which houses the tombs of Kings Jaume II and III. The Gothic architecture, dating from the 1300s, features high stained-glass windows and intricate stonework.

Can I go inside Palma Cathedral?

Visitors can indeed go inside Palma Cathedral. Access is available to most people, except those with certain health conditions, and children under nine must provide identification. The cathedral offers tours, including a guided tour in multiple languages, with tickets that can be purchased online.

What are some must-see highlights inside Palma Cathedral?

Must-see highlights within the cathedral include the slim, load-bearing pillars, Gaudi's controversial Crown of Thorns, and the Portal del Mirador, a 15th-century door with depictions from the last supper.

What famous artworks are inside Palma Cathedral?

For those interested in art, the cathedral's museum houses various historic sculptures and artwork. The tombs of King James II and King James III are also located within the cathedral's Royal Chapel.

Do I need a ticket to go inside Palma Cathedral?

Tickets are required for entry, and there are different rates and schedules available, including a free visit option for residents on Fridays. Guided tours are provided in Spanish, English, and German at specified times.

Can I take pictures inside Palma Cathedral?

Photography is allowed inside the cathedral, but flash is not permitted to preserve the integrity of the space and its artworks.

Is there a dress code I should follow to go inside Palma Cathedral?

Appropriate attire is expected within the cathedral, with formal clothing suitable for a religious temple being the norm. Swimsuits, shirtless attire, and bulky packages are not allowed.

Is going inside Palma Cathedral worth it?

Visiting Palma Cathedral is considered worthwhile due to its historical and architectural significance, its artworks, and the spiritual ambiance that the building provides.